As of January 1st 2016, the Queensland State Government issued new legislation with regards to childhood vaccination and attendance and enrolment at kindergartens and preschool facilities

This legislation both permits and protects the rights of childcare facilities to mandate acceptance criteria for children in respect of their vaccination status and whilst Church Street Kindergarten and Preschool is affiliated with The Creche & Kindergarten Association Limited (C&K), the Centre is permitted to adopt its own policy.

The Committee of Church Street Kindergarten & Pre-school has unanimously accepted adherence to the State and Federal policy of ‘no jab no play’ and wholeheartedly supports this campaign to promote vaccination of children

Whilst it is the inherent right of any parent or guardian to decide not to vaccinate their child, this decision subsequently places an unwarranted and unnecessary risk to other children in close proximity, irrespective of their own vaccinated status. Thus the committee believes that unvaccinated children pose a risk to others and defeats the purpose of group immunity. Therefore to protect the majority of vaccinated children who attend Church Street Kindergarten & Preschool, the Committee reserves the right to refuse a place to any child who does not have a complete and verifiable immunisation history.

As per the new government legislation the only exemption will be children who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or who are on a recognised vaccination catch-up schedule and therefore considered up-to-date. However, parents or guardians of these children will still need to provide their child’s immunisation history statement and also sign an Agreement to Withdraw a Non-Immunised Child form on enrolment.

Parents/guardians of children enrolling at the Centre must provide relevant information regarding the immunisation status of their children on enrolment at Church Street Kindergarten & Preschool.  If the immunisation status of a child changes during their time at the Centre, then the Director must be advised of these changes immediately.  A properly completed Government immunisation record or a statement of the child’s immunisation status on a Doctor’s letterhead are acceptable.

In the event of an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease, parents/guardians of non-immunised child/children for medical reasons or on a recognised vaccination catch-up schedule will be required to remove the child/children from the service until the risk has passed.  Attendance fees will still be payable for this period of time.

Parents/Guardians must inform the Director if their child or other members of the immediate family contracts a vaccine preventable disease.

Further information regarding childhood vaccinations can be found at and

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